It's always a pleasure to see REAL people getting REAL results! Proper education, combined with coaching and dedication are a recipe for success when making lasting dietary and behavioral changes. Please read on to applaud some of my newest clients in their personal achievements.

Gluten Free When I started working with Jill, I knew I needed to make some major dietary changes. I never expected that working with someone who has as much knowledge on nutrition, cooking and gluten-free living as she does would truly make me want to change the way I eat and fuel my body for health and performance.
I am like so many people, in that I love to eat!  However, I am prone to gaining weight very quickly if I don't watch it. I also love to work out and find when I make improper gluten-containing food choices, I feel it in my performance. When I started training for my first half marathon last year, I knew I really needed to make some changes in what I ate. I started realizing that certain foods not only fueled my body in the right way, but also fueled my confidence!  Making changes like having brown rice and quinoa noodles instead of regular pasta or having berries and bananas with plain yogurt instead of ice cream made an incredible difference. I don't even realize the foods that once were my staples are gone from my diet, since I've easily replaced them with equally satisfying alternatives. Also, having a protein shake first thing in the morning curbs my appetite and also gives me a head start on making healthier decisions throughout the day. My favorite change I have made is drinking coconut milk. I've completely replaced cows milk and my body digests it better and gives me that 'light' feeling I love and not the bloating. It tastes great with everything too! Minor adjustments in my diet have given me so much energy and I was able to finish my race under the time I was shooting for!!   I've never felt stronger and healthier! Thanks for all of your help, Jill!


Gluten Free ChristyAnytime that I have worked with Jill Molchan, I have seen AMAZING results… results BEYOND what I could have ever imagined on my own.

Whether it was personal training when I lived in Park City or long distance dietary coaching for sugar addiction when I moved to Los Angeles, Jill has been there guiding me through major body changing, and ultimately life changing, experiences.

Within seconds of meeting Jill, you will truly believe that you have been given the greatest gift. Her positive attitude and soulful energy give you an immediate boost, and it only gets better from there! She is smart and knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring… AND one of the funniest, free spirited people I have ever met.

Never preachy or judgmental, Jill is an awesome listener and takes your situation into account and presents you with a plan that was clearly made just for you. She sticks by your side through the entire process, and will be your biggest supporter and motivator!

The world needs more people like Jill Molchan. She is as authentic and genuine as they come. She is the real deal!


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