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As the statistics grow for the number of diagnosed celiac individuals, so does the number of gluten-free diners across the country. Restaurants with gluten-free options offer an invaluable service to these affected individuals, by welcoming them with simple menu options that cater to their dietary needs.

Studies recently have shown an 11% increase in yearly sales for restaurants that provide either a gluten-free menu, or gluten-free options based upon their current menu. Celiac diners, who can enjoy an allergy safe meal outside of their own home tend to frequent restaurants that cater to their needs, hence the increase in the number of restaurants that are going the gluten-free route.

Jill consults with the restaurant owner/manager to determine which items may be safe for gluten-free diners and helps to provide additional menu items that will be gluten safe. Training is set up with your kitchen staff and wait staff, to educate them on how to stay clear of cross contamination, and what items to beware of in the restaurant that may pose an allergy risk.

For more information on how we can work together to increase your profits, by offering gluten-free options to your customers, call/email Jill Anne Molchan.

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