Five Weeks to Gluten Free Freedom

Food, glorious food! It brings us pleasure, it brings us together as a family and it brings us comfort. Food is emotional; food is social; food is a sign of love; food is how we exist and thrive. Food is one of the only things we ALL have in common.

As one of the 3 million affected celiac or gluten sensitive Americans, you will now need to figure out how to navigate your life without one of the world’s most common ingredients: GLUTEN! Transitioning won’t be easy at first, and may seem like a solitary time in your life. The help you need is waiting right here. GoGlutenFreeGracefully’s ‘Five Weeks to Gluten Free Freedom’ program is dedicated to coaching you through your transition time by offering a gluten-free specific course identifying the social and dietary challenges, YOU, the newly diagnosed individual will face.

‘Five Weeks to Gluten Free Freedom’ is a telecourse, set up as an online classroom, that meets one night per week, from the comfort of your own home. As a student you will receive:

  •  Downloadable E-workbook entitled the ‘GGG Success Guide’ that will walk you through your 5-week course
  •  Five 30-minute follow up one-on-one consultations, between each class designed to personalize your experience and glue your new behavior changes together to lay the foundation for the weeks to come.  
  • GGG’s Survival Handbook, containing information on gluten-safe restaurants, gluten-free ABC’s of life, car/plane travel tips, meditations on how to stay focused and on your path to healing
  • Facebook support groups, Twitter updates
  • Bi-weekly emails, containing the week’s hottest recipe and gluten-free information

Here’s a glimpse as to where 5 weeks will guide YOU:

Week 1: Gluten 101- Where’s it found, How can you start to spot it?

                              The Mourning Phase, Why Me, Why Now? 

                               How to Explain Gluten-Free to my Family?

                               Information Overload! How to Stay Focused

Week 2: Kitchen Talk- Cross Contamination, Pantry Must Haves, Kitchen Must Haves

                              Grocery Store 101: Does GF mean it has to break the bank?

                              Which GF products taste the best?

Week 3: Dining Out- ‘The Dreaded Dinner Party’, Social Aspects of GF, Restaurant Navigation

Week 4: Dining In- ‘Wow’ your guest with GF Foods, Recipes, Keeping the Whole Family Happy

Week 5: Everyday Living- Packing Lunches, Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party, Fueling a Workout, Travel         

All this information is at your fingertips and available affordably!

‘Five Weeks to Gluten Free Freedom’ usually sells for $640, but I am able to offer this to you for $580 if you sign up for an upcoming class before the end of 2010!

Contact me to sign up for the next series, or call for your FREE 15 minute consultation. Your body and optimal health are waiting…

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