What if I am not diagnosed “celiac”, but choose to live a gluten free lifestyle for dietary reasons? Will your program still be effective?

Absolutely, my program will still be effective. Whether you choose the “Classic Customization Package” or the “Signature Classroom Series”, the programs are designed for anyone who chooses to omit gluten from their lives.


I am a mom, and only one of my three children has been diagnosed. Could I use your program to help my son and will I be given information on how to raise and cook for a mixed family?

Yes.  I will often times encourage the entire family to go through my program, as support for the family member who has been diagnosed. Much of the information is necessary for everyone in a household to learn, since the rest of the family will be living with, dining with, celebrating with, and traveling with this person for many years to come. Gluten free individuals need a support team and that starts with the family.


How fast will I see physical results from eating gluten free? 

That is tough question to answer, since everyone’s bodies are at different levels of dis-ease when it comes to gluten. I have had individuals notice the release of symptoms such abdominal bloating within the first few days of eating gluten free. For other individuals, it takes up to a few months to notice any changes, but once the healing begins, their systems start to reset quickly. One thing is for certain with all diagnosed and sensitive people: the only cure for celiac disease is a gluten free lifestyle. Adherence is paramount to healing your system.


What if I’ve tried to go gluten free before, but I couldn’t stick with it? How can I be guaranteed your program will work?

My guess is that it was a combination of social pressures and poor timing that contributed to your past lack of success, as I’ve seen that be the case with others who have been ineffective in sticking with this lifestyle change.  GoGlutenFreeGracefully’s sole mission is to provide PRACTICAL, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE lifestyle modification tips that reflect on gluten free living from a SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, BEHAVIORAL, and DIETARY level.  My programs start with your desire and willingness to change. Once established the proper tools are put in place. We then glue it all together with coaching. Very few teams succeed without a coach. That’s what makes GoGlutenFreeGracefully different! 


I’ve been trying to make the gluten free transition for a few months now and am really frustrated. How long will your program take to start noticing my daily activities getting easier?

My programs are not based upon trial and error. I provide useful, proven tools that can be used from day 1.


Do you have experience in helping vegetarians go gluten free?



Yes. I was vegetarian for years myself.




Do you offer just hourly consultations for people who cannot commit to the clasroom series?

 Absolutely. I customize packages to meet anyone’s needs.

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